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30 Years of Expertise in Real Estate Consulting. 
We Support in Your Land Issues.

Land Transaction

No need to knock several doors for your land deals. We are with you in all your interests connected to land, in buying, selling, leasing or developing (Nilam- Purayidom). We will give you the right direction or we will do the whole process involved in (how much it is complicated) it for you.

Land Documentation

We undertake all your land documentation issues anywhere (#no space) in Kerala. We will give you the right advice and prepare all the required documents for you. By which we will assist you to get every such document(s) from the respective offices without hassle.

Mutation of Land

Your property details are not rightly reflected in the village or panchayath records? Don't worry! We will process your application in the right path without causing any headache to you.

Land Disputes

Do the disputes over your land or mistakes in your documents worries you too much? Be Cool! We will solve those problems for you. We will prepare and process your applications and complaints and monitor the progress until you get the aimed solution(s).

Land Services

Do you want to obtain a document, certificate sketch from any (the Taluk Land Registration?) office? We could help you anywhere in Kerala. Above all, do you want any assistance to supervise any project or procedures on your land? We will be there to serve you with a 100% transparency and satisfaction.


We provide training in LAND LAWS and other related acts and rules such as Right to Information act, Right to service Act, Panchayth/Municipal Acts and Rules, Building Acts, Tax laws,PDPP Act.

James Adhikaram Associates is the best solution to all your land consulting needs in Kerala


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Guidance, support, assistance and implementation of ideas to solve your land issues and full-fill your dreams on land.

Our Core Services

30 Years of Expertise in Real Estate Consulting

We Support in Your Land Issues

Application is pending

Application to solve my land issue is pending before the authorities and the decision on my application is badly delayed. What to do?

Records are not correct

Village office records about my land are not correct. How can I correct it?

I am abroad

I am abroad and not in a position to solve my land issue or to get a land related service. How can you help me?

Transfer my property

I am a senior citizen and I wish to transfer my property to my children. How can you help us?

Land is encroached

I am out of station and my land is encroached by my neighbour after a boundary dispute. How can you help me?

Lost documents

There is an error in my document and is seen lost. How can you help me ?

Buying dream land

What is the unique service you provide for buying my dream land ?

Sell my land

How can you help me to sell my land ?

30 Years of Expertise in Real Estate Consulting



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30 Years of Expertise in Real Estate Consulting


Correct guidance to solve my land issues. Thanks jamesadhikaram
Jossy Chacko
Janasevana Kendram
My land document was erroneous. I was not able to get the compensation for land acquisition. Thanks for the timely intervention of James adhikaram.
Cyril James
Quality Control Inspector
Valuable guidance in the right time to solve my land conversion issue . Thanks jamesadhikaram
Siji Abraham

30 Years of Expertise in Real Estate Consulting